Tuesday, May 30, 2023

1/7 We're thrilled to introduce BotServ, your new AI assistant that's just a message away! You can now access BotServ's incredible capabilities not only through our website at ai.leb.services but also on Telegram via @BotServ or WhatsApp at +96176457939. Get ready to experience the power of AI right at your fingertips!


2/7 BotServ on Telegram: With just a simple chat, @BotServ on Telegram becomes your personal AI companion. From answering queries to providing recommendations, BotServ is your go-to source for quick and accurate information. Interact with BotServ effortlessly, all within the familiar Telegram environment.


3/7 BotServ on WhatsApp: Imagine having an AI assistant available on your most-used messaging platform. Well, with BotServ on WhatsApp, that's exactly what you get! Simply add +961 76 457939 to your WhatsApp contacts and start benefiting from BotServ's wide range of features and assistance.


4/7 Whether you're on Telegram or WhatsApp, BotServ is designed to make your life easier and more productive. Need help with a task or a quick fact-check? BotServ has got you covered. Enjoy the convenience of AI assistance in the messaging apps you use every day.


5/7 Worried about language limitations? Not with BotServ! Whether you prefer Arabic or English, BotServ can communicate fluently in both languages, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience no matter which platform you choose to interact with.


6/7 Privacy and security are paramount. Rest assured that BotServ adheres to strict data protection measures, safeguarding your personal information on both Telegram and WhatsApp. Your trust and privacy are our top priorities.


7/7 So, whether you're a Telegram enthusiast or a WhatsApp aficionado, BotServ is here to provide you with the AI-powered assistance you need. Connect with BotServ on Telegram via @BotServ or on WhatsApp at +96176457939 and unlock a whole new world of convenience and productivity. Get ready to experience AI like never before! #BotServ #AIAssistant #Telegram #WhatsApp 

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